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The film Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock is very psychotic; the name of the movie says it all. It is filled with unexpected scenes a mix of Hitchcock main themes: power, sex and death. In psycho I think Hitchcock makes everything in a way to subjectively put you in the shoes of the characters. He makes them so relatable that it scares you. These characters are not good characters; they fight the battle of good and evil. I think a scene that demonstrates this is when Marion decides to take the money, The camera reverse shots between her and the money, which implicates that they are having a conversation. Hitchcock makes us think that the money has more agency than her. Throughout the movie Hitchcock screws with our head and puts certain scenes or gives us dates that are not necessary .He tries to create suspense with scenes that don’t develop or don’t finish like they are supposed to. His selection of random scenes also create normalcy to the viewer. The fact that we see Marion showering then her changing clothes it makes us relate more and more to the characters. Hitchcock makes us want to do bad things and find a way around the law. The character of Cassidy is despicable but because this character is so dislikeable. It makes us like Marion more and has sympathy with her helpless situation of stealing the 40, 00 dollars. Overall I think the movie is very good, horrific, psychotic but Hitchcock does and incredible job.

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  • I think Hitchcock did and incredible job as well. I’m not a huge fan of horror films but this one really caught my attention. It really made me question whether some things in life, like a large sum of money, is worth it; like you said, he makes us want to do bad things. I’m not sure how far I would go for 40,000 dollars, but I know it’s not too far. I think he does want the audience to put themselves in the shoes of the character and see what they would do if they were in that position.

  • an* whoopsie haha

  • You are right, Hitchcock does have a pretty twisted mind, but in the best way possible! From what I heard, the themes of this movie that you listed (power, sex and death) seem to play a big role in Hitchcock’s real life. Like the director Quentin Tarantino, I feel like the more messed up and disturbed the director is, the more deranged the film is. which is perfect for me because I love crazy films. Hitchcock really plays with morals in the movie Psycho and makes the audience question whether or not they would commit these crimes. I can’t wait until the new movie Hitchcock comes out!

  • I like how you mentioned Hitchcock played with our minds because he really did in the most unique way possible. We didn’t know where the storyline was going as we got backtracked until the midpoint of the film. Anthony Perkins (the antagonist) appeared not in the beginning but towards the middle and the end of the film and I found that odd. It took me a while to realize he was the bad guy in this film which helped me understand the film easier as it went along.

  • I like reading through an article that will make people think. Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

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